Week in review

This week’s biggest stories in America’s pastime:

Josh Hamilton doing his best Roy Hobbs impression
Josh Hamilton continued his fairy-tale, storybook, and unlikely meteoric rise to superstardom. Hamilton now has 5 homeruns on the season and despite the Reds bullpen blowing leads, this kid has remained as the best story in baseball. While some are waiting for him to falter and his stock to fall, I believe this is only the beginning.

Charlie Manuel says put up your dukes
We hope that Phillies manager Charlie Manuel can fight better than he can talk. The Phillies have been baseball’s biggest dissapointment, and after getting blown out this week in a ballgame Manuel Manuel was ready to fight a Philadelphis radio host. We smell something coming from Pennsylvania, and the odor smells of Charlie’s demise.

Alex Rodriguez is the greatest regular season hitter of all time
Another week, another walkoff job by the Yankees prince. Rodriguez now has 10 long ones this year; count em’. He’s already making a statement that he wants the regular season AL MVP award all to himself. The key word still is, the regular season.

Washington Nationals show some class in a time of tragedy
While history was made in a tragic way off the field in the Virginia Tech school shootings, the Washington Nationals did their small part to honor the 32 victims of this horrible event by wearing hats during their game the following night sporting the “VT” logo. Oh yeah, Washington also began winning games after they heard us talk shit about them. Beware of a monster that tastes it’s own blood, I guess.

Mark Buehrle serves of a near perfect gem to the Rangers
History was made early on in this season by the Chicago White Sox left hander. Buehrle missed a perfect game only by walking Sammy Sosa, but still faced the minimum of 27 batters. He coasted to his no-hit outing as Jermaine Dye hit a grand slam and led the ‘Sox to a victory over the Rangers.