More Hamilton….

Here’s some quotes about my newest favorite athlete:

Josh Hamilton (on first big league hit (HR)

“Hearing fans scream at me: ‘Hamilton, you suck.’ And I laughed at it, because
they have no idea where I’ve been and where I’ve come from,” Hamilton said. “You
can say anything you want to. It’s just an awesome feeling. Looking up, seeing
fans and seeing a ballpark like this. This ballpark is awesome.”

“They got me on a couple billboards around town,” Hamilton observed
Tuesday, after batting practice at Great American Ball Park. “It was cool to
see, but it didn’t make me feel any different. That’s the way I’d like to keep
it. Don’t get too caught up in anything besides the game.”

Cincinnati Post’s John Fay

Just finished writing a freelance piece for Baseball America on
Josh Hamilton. Made me think: Has anyone gone from “How are they going to keep
him on the roster?” to “He’s got to be in lineup” any faster in baseball

Cincinnati Post’s C. Trent Rosecrans

I missed it, but Lonnie told me that Josh Hamilton just hit a ball in BP over
the right field stands, out of the park. Quite impressive. We were debating who
is going to be the first person to hit the boat in center. Dunn’s probably the
safest bet, but Hamilton might be No. 2 on the list. Among visitors, you’ve got
Pujols, Carlos Lee, Vald, Prince Fielder, Bonds … who else you got? My money
would still be on Dunn, but it wouldn’t pay out that much.

Ryan Freel

“I think this kid is something special,” Freel said. “With the
addition of him on this team, I might be working a little more in the infield,
which I don’t have a problem with. I just know that kid helps us win.”