Throwing it around

We start off this monday kicking it around the infield and generally feeling like shit, well, cause it’s a monday. Here’s things around the blog-world that are baseball newsworthy:

  • From the ‘Gas House Gang’, a sleeping giant has awoken. Now that the world can see everything is fine with Albert Pujols, the rest of the National league is left to suffer.
  • The Tribe Source brings another installment/game wrap of the Indians 9th game. How good is this Indians team? Well, the Tribe needed only one hit to win yesterday. Who got it? Who else? Grady of course.
  • Curt Schilling breaks down a commanding performance that was seen on FOX saturday afternoon baseball.
  • Another season is rolling along just fine without Mark Prior and Kerry Wood. The Baseball Analysts take a look at how this is happening.
  • The Baseball Toaster talks about the random record of the week, Sacrifice flies in a game.
  • Bugs and Cranks tell us the truth about Jackie Robinson day in Boston.
  • A Price above Bip Roberts makes us realize that irony exists in many forms. Did anyone else notice the last true #42 in baseball lost the game for the Yankees yesterday? We did, cause Mariano is on our fantasy team.
  • Just like the folks at Royals Review, we’re very sick of the rain as well.