Diamond Hoggers first staff trip

Diamond Hoggers have officially planned their first ‘company trip’ as members of the media. During this wild and whacky 3 day dispatch later in the summer, we’ll come to you with posts and coverage from 3 different ballgames, and 3 different cities in 3 days, should we be lucky enough to survive it. Editor George has his plane ticket to our initial starting point in Ohio, and he will arrive saturday, June 30th. From there it will go like this:

Sunday: Wrigley Field,
Milwaukee at Chicago Cubs
2:20 PM

Monday: Busch Stadium,
Arizona at St. Louis
8:10 PM

Tuesday: Great American Ballpark,
San Francisco at Cincinnati
7:10 PM

Then we’ll return home on that next morning of July 4th, to lick our wounds and recover from the 3 days war road trip hopefully still in one piece. The kicker to all this? We aren’t planning on hotel reservations in either Chicago or St. Louis. We’re simply banking on making it back to ‘the truck’, and sleeping in the cab. Or the bed. Or outside the truck on the ground. Hopefully the residents of Wrigleyville and St. Louis’ Golden Arch city will be good to us. Either way, we’re going to bring you coverage of all 3 games, live from the Wrigley Bleachers, from the Owners Box in St. Louis (more on that later), and the scout seats in Cincinnati.