Friday the 13th's strange league occurences

Today is Friday the 13th. Here are a few coincidences or strange occurences that will or could be happening around the league today:

  • Omar Vizquel will get career at-bat number 9000 tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates. We had a feeling he’d do something of milestone importance tonight. The number he wears on his back? 13, of course.
  • If Gary Sheffield draws a walk tonight in Toronto, it will be career base-on-balls # 13,000.
  • Aaron Harang enters this afternoon’s contest against the Cubs at Wrigley field with a 3.55 ERA. If you add the digits, they add up to 13 (3+5+5). Look for this figure to either rise or fall.
  • Barry Bonds or Alfonso Soriano will hit a homerun.
  • A ballgame goes into the 13 innings, only to be lost by the home team who will have the final at-bat.
  • Roy Halladay’s ERA entering his start today also adds up to 13, (3.46- 3+4+6=13)
  • Strangely enough, Danny Haren of Oakland’s ERA is an impressive 0.69, but he is 0-2 on the season. If you add Haren’s ERA digits together (6+9=15) and subtract his losses (2), you reach 13. Based on this fact, Haren WILL get the win tonight. If we were in Vegas we’d bet the house on it.
  • Look for Tim Wakefield’s knuckleball to flutter like it never has before in Fenway against the Angels tonight. We think Wakefield will get the win, due to the fact that when a goofy knuckleballer throws on friday the 13th, shit gets fucked up.
  • Yankees starter Kei Igawa enters tonight’s contest with an ERA of 12.60 this evening against the A’s. If you round that up to the whole number, you guessed it; 13. He’s unlucky because he’s going up against the aforementioned Danny Haren. Bad night coming for Igawa.
  • Astros starting pitcher Roy Oswalt has thrown 12 complete games in his career. Guess what happens tonight, yeah he’s going a full 9 and getting to #13.
  • Johann Santana will strikeout 13 Tampa Bay Devil Rays, getting #13 Carl Crawford on strikes 4 times.
  • #13 of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Wilson Valdez will commit an error in tonight’s ballgame against San Diego.
  • The amount of homeruns hit in baseball tonight will be a multiple of 13: (26, 39, or 52). We’re going with 39 on a hunch. If you’re sober enough at the end of tonight’s games to verify if we’re right, you’ve got problems. If you’re feeling good enough tomorrow morning to do it, once again, you got issues. We’re just going with our hunch.
  • Washington Nationals start John Patterson’s current ERA is 9.35, and after tonight’s start against the New York Mets will climb above 13.00
  • Speaking of the Mets, their starter tonight, phenom Mike Pelfrey has given up 13 Earned runs in his career. He’ll not allow a run tonight, keeping him on the number, walking only one, giving him 13 career walks allowed.
  • Who gets the save in tonight’s Nationals/Mets game? Yep, #13 Billy Wagner.
  • I am attending a formal. At that formal, I will drink exactly 13 beers. Bet on it. Not one more, not one fewer.
  • Ricky Weeks was born on the 13th of september in 1982. He’s going to have a day.
  • Greg Maddux was born just hours after April 13th in 1966. He’ll celebrate his birthday tonight after the clock strikes midnight, just after the Padres game ends in Los Angeles, by pissing on a teammate in the shower.
  • There’s 15 games scheduled. A postponement in Cleveland as well as somewhere else around the league (not necessarily due to weather-power outage) will bring the amount of games played to a final tonight to 13.
  • Some idiot fan will rush the field only to get his ass kicked again by an umpire (Laz Diaz anyone?)

So tell us, what’s in store for baseball on friday the 13th?