Throwing it around

This is the ‘up all night’ version of Throwing it around, thanks to some Starbucks coffee, the Reds playing on the west coast (I can’t miss the game), and a lip of Copenhagen. Here’s what’s noteworthy out there in baseball land tonight folks:

  • This just in, not only are we big fan’s of the Enquirer’s John Fay in his Reds coverage but we also agree, Josh Hamilton is looking like the real deal.
  • Deadspin previewed Ichiro vs. Dice-K round 1, which in our opinion was a draw. Felix Hernandez owned the whole damn show today.
  • We Should be GM’s says Pat “the Bat” Burrell is coming for Joe D’s streak. We felt the same way about Adam Dunn a few nights ago. Then he had to start over after 7. Oh so close.
  • Fire Joe Morgan shows us that Joe Morgan chats with no one. All along we thought he was a nice guy. Fooled us.
  • Yo, Schill; how’d you feel the other night in your start? You looked pretty nasty. Look no further than 38 Pitches for the answer.
  • The Reds head there friday, Editor George and I head there in late june, and this summer there are Cicadas at Wrigley. Takes us back to summer 2004, when those little weird booger like bugs invaded Cincinnati. Holy fuck, did we get sick of hearing about that.

Thanks for staying up all night with us. Or not.