There is nothing worse then an off days in baseball

Thursdays and Mondays commonly become the nights in which there isn’t jack shit to really do other than watch lame ass Monday Night Raw or take the woman out for dinner to make up for oversleeping on a day you were supposed to be home at 9 am and you didn’t get home until around 2. The reason these certain days of the week are filled with these ‘meander’ type activities is because these are the days of the week that Major League Baseball most commonly schedules a day off for teams.

It seems to at least me that the Cincinnati Reds get more of these ‘off days’ then any team in baseball. I know this isn’t true, but that is how it seems. There is absolutely nothing worse then a big win the night before and the feelings your team is building some serious momentum, only for them to not play the very next day.

So, in short, this blog hates these days in which the teams we love are idle. For instance today there is a grand total of like, what-two games? Yeah, that’s real good for the game. Less off days and more pure punishment. They’re coddling these guys too much. Sure the season is a grind but for crying out loud! I’m only kidding, as I know that off days are an essential part of baseball, they just really suck ass.

You’ve heard what I do on off days to pass the time, on these longest days of our lives (other than the offseason in general, and even then we have NFL and College football). In the comments section let us know how you cope with an off day.