There's baseball to be played (in Cleveland)

For the third straight day, a doubleheader is scheduled in Cleveland. To fans like myself, that means if you were lucky enough to be in the area, and buy a ticket to the first game, you get to the second game for nothing. It’s a ‘traditional’ doubleheader as opposed to the newer, corporate doubleheader most commonly featured by Major League Baseball in attempt to swindle us out of everything they can.

As I have given mention to before; the weather in Cleveland lately has been fucking vile. It has shown no mercy, no soul, and no care for the sport in which we love. It screwed me out of opening night in Cleveland, and then all weekend I had little to talk about due to the fact that there has been no baseball in Cleveland. I had no contributions from my fantasy players on the Indians for 3 days. That hurts when you’re banking on them big time, and oh then MLB decides that they might not even make up one of the games that got snowed out postponed. Shit man, that could like, cost me some serious points and shit.

As we wait it out in our shanty’s, our boys over at the DiaTribe try and make sense of it all and write a piece that reflects my feelings.

Sooner or later, baseball will be played by the Cleveland Indians, we promise. Even though I got screwed out of seeing a semi-no hitter, and the Tribe should be at least 3-1 and on a hot streak, the weather has taken it from us. Mother Nature, is a bitch. She is the red-headed slut that hides and strikes when you least want her to. She tried to snow me in at a Red Roof Inn. Do you know what that could have done to me?

For those of you that like Indians baseball, in april, or used to anyhow, don’t expect Major League Baseball to schedule baseball in the east in any city (especially Cleveland) next year. It simply won’t happen, due to fear of El Nino from hell that we’re experiencing now.

Nevertheless, there is a double header on tap today. Here at Diamond Hoggers corporate headquarters, we’re just hoping for them to take both games, deservedly. Come on CC and Carmona. Fuck up those Mariners.