A fantasy gem in the rough

Today I believe I made a serious big time addition to my fantasy team. While I was patroling the scrap heap free agent wire, I looked at players that have started the season hitting well with the highest averages in baseball. I was shocked to find Mr. 9 for 17 Akinori Iwamura sitting and waiting for a home. This is absolutely huge, do to the fact that that other night I was sitting on the couch watching after his 4 for 4 performance at the similarities between this guy and Ichiro Suzuki. Do I think he will go on to have the type of season and career that has made Ichiro a legend, not really. Do I believe he can hit .300 and start all year for my fantasy team? Absolutely.

I think this guy is going to be the addition that makes Chipper Jones expendable. In fact, Chipper is on the block as we speak. Now if I could just find an adequate replacement for Coco Crisp, and no, Geoff Jenkins is not adequate. He has nothing to offer besides looking like a DNA duplicate of Brett Favre.

As I said when fantasy baseball started, winning takes more than a good draft. It’s a third how you draft, a third the luck you have with guys delivering what they’re supposed to and staying healthy, and a third (maybe the most important) whoever picks up the best players from the waiver/free agency wire. So far, I’ve landed Tom Glavine and now Mr. Iwamura. I’m pretty happy with my new addition to the Legendary Hillbilly’s III, so Mr. Iwamura, our captain Mr. Dunn will show you to your locker here in our clubhouse, take a walk around and get to know the guys. Afterall, they’re your new teammates. I run a tight ship, so stay in shape and play hard for me, alright? Make yourself at home, and be ready to play–you’ve got a game tonight son.