Several baseball day games have finished up today, and while most cockgobblers headlines will be devoted mainly to Dice-K Matsuzaka, we’re going to start elsewhere:

Reds 5, Cubs 2
The reds got a solid start from Kyle Lohse and battled hard all day against starter Jason Marquis to pull out the series victory against Lou Piniella’s Cubs. The Reds took the lead for good on a wild pitch to Adam Dunn by Will Ohman, and Scott Hatteberg hit a 2 run homerun late to really pad the lead. It should be noted that David Weathers, yes, David fucking Weathers got the save in this one. Count it.

White Sox 4, Indians 3
The Indians had another inspiring comeback late in this one led by the heroic Grady Sizemore and Jason Micheals, but Roberto Hernandez beaned the biggest dick in baseball A.J. Pierzynski (a Polak) late with the bases loaded to lose it. Sizemore led off the game with another homerun, and it’s official. He fucking owns you White Sox.

Red Sox 4, Royals 1
Everyone will talk about Matsuzaka’s 10 K’s and 7 innings. They’ll drool over him on ESPN and Baseball Tonight. Peter Gammons popped a chubby for the first time in ages. What they’ll all fail to say is that it was against the Royals. I bet George Carlin would fuck these guys up on the mound. He would. The oft-depressed Zach Greinke pitched well, matching Matsuzaka in the 7 innings, 1 earned run category, but he plays for the Royals, which makes him part of the losing team.

Looking ahead to tonight:

Devil Rays at Yankees– Andy Pettite makes his long awaited return.

San Diego at San Francisco- Can Barry Bonds hit number 736? God I hope not.

Arizona at Washington- Eh…eh….about as appetizing as cooked thumbs and toes. Eh…..