Can you beat the streak?

Here at Diamond Hoggers, we’re not here to plug other sites like, or ESPN’s baseball site. You’ll decide which ones of those sites are reliable and which ones are not. However, I am here to plug a pretty sweet game and challenge to anyone who thinks they know baseball. Oh yea, and it’s worth $100,000 if you can do it.

The ‘it’, is to pick a hitter in Major League Baseball that gets a base-hit in 57 straight games, or better known on as Beat the Streak. Currently, I’m at a 3 game hitting streak, with the likes of Dunn, Sizemore, and Cabrera coming through for me. It seems like it should be easy enough right? I mean that’s what I thought when I started playing it my senior year in college with some frat brothers.

“You mean you’re telling me all I have to do is pick a hitter that gets a hit every night in baseball for 57 straight nights, beat Joe Dimaggio’s legendary streak, and I get 100K? I’m game.” Think again. It’s not that easy. In fact, in two years, of trying to pick a hitter every day, my high is like, 18 games. I think I’d have a better chance of hitting in 57 straight myself. The all-time leader in the game, is 43 straight games picked in a row. I can imagine the man that did it was a stathead that sat at his computer every night and rattled through every statistic in his baseball almanac. It still didn’t matter, he ended up with nothing.

So lets hear it from you fellow Hoggers out there; anyone play this sweet game? If not, give it a shot. You might just be the man to beat the Yankee Clipper’s streak.