The baseball fan's equivalent of Christmas

Well it’s Christmas morning here in Cincinnati. Things are beautiful outside here. It’s going to be a great day, as today we embark on another season of Reds baseball and baseball in general. The grass is green, the birds are chirping and the smell of hot dogs and cracker jacks is in the air.

We’re going to head down to the stadium and smoke on a cuban cigar the size of a donkey dick. More than anything we’re going to take in the atmosphere that is opening day, and regurgitate it back to the readers of our fine blog here.

To ensure that the best coverage is provided to our readers, I will be making a journalistic sacrifice of epic proportions today. I am refraining from touching any alcoholic beverage today. Yes, it’s true. April fools was yesterday. I am sure my wallett and my stomach will appreciate the kind gesture even more than you all.

A full report and pictures to come later on tonight. Lets hope those Redlegs start out 1-0, and a game up on the Cardinals, who had a less than spectacular Opening night in St. Louis. The most exciting part of the night was hearing good ole’ Jon Miller talk about Tony Larusa falling asleep at the wheel, followed by awkward silence.

Happy Opening Day children! The wait is over!