Dispatch from Cincinnati

I’m here in Cincinnati, recovering from a night at Newport on the Levy. We went to a place called Arnie’s and that is the last thing I remember. Providing our readers with live, full coverage can at times not be an easy job. We enjoyed the NCAA game last night in which our OHIO STATE BUCKEYES advanced to the NCAA tournament finals, and nestled up in our room at Travelodge with beer, lippers, and liquor and enough to kill a horse of each. There was 5 of us, and we headed out into the night, starting off at Hoffbrauhaus, then to the aforementioned Arnie’s. The night ended with me puking white castles, and some guy offering us crack rock at the Travelodge. This blog will not endorse Travelodge as it’s official stay in place anymore. I’ve never been offered crack at a Motel 6.

Well we’re off to eat some hot wings. It sure is great being a guy. Later I’m going to watch opening night, and then Wrestlemania.

Oh yeah and stay tuned in for my picks later tonight.