Matsuzaka and the Eastern Trend

Matsuzaka, if that is not a mouth full I don’t know what is. The media so far is making him out to seem like he is going to stomp all over the American League like Godzilla. I got news for you, that will not be the case. Lets take a look back at a few players from the Far East. Ichiro came over to the MLB and the media created a circus out of him with hundreds of photographers following him everywhere. Sure he has been a great player proving he can hang with the best, but he is no where near what the media made him out to be. Another player would be Matsui of the Yankees. He was the original Godzilla predicted to him around 40 to 50 homers and be the biggest bat in the Majors. Again he is a great player but he is an above average outfielder, who can’t put up the same numbers like he did out East.

I love hearing about everything single pitch Matsuzaka threw in spring training. On the headlines read Matsuzaka pitches 5 shut-out innings versus the Reds. Umm…sorry but that is not impressing me much, I mean we all know Adam Dunn is going to chase his shit in the dirt, plus its spring training for god sake. But even beyond that he threw over a hundred pitches, with a weak Red Sox bullpen that is not going to do it. I feel like this whole media circus occurs because of money and lack of other things to report about. We all know that the Red Sox paid millions of dollors for Matsuzaka, but honestly he will end up being an above average pitcher. Being a Yankee fan I could not have been more happy that the Red Sox got him because he is over paid and its about time other teams start over paying for players. The second half of the season will be a rude awakening for Matsuzaka and the American League catches up to his shit real quit.