Throwing it around

It’s the saturday night of St. Patrick’s day. I should be out, getting drunk, saying things I don’t mean and raising hell. However, the wifey gets home from the airport and there is a scheduled date at 5 am. Here’s some noteworthy findings from the baseball world:

  • Don Mattingly has a blog. We’re entirely serious about this. It’s about as interesting as a meal consisting of plain rice-cakes, water, and ice for dessert, but still, he’s got a blog damnit.
  • The Blog that Derek Built. More Yankee reading, most recently about a Carl Pavano citing. Glad to hear your girlfriend is feeling better, asshat.
  • ESPN Page 2’s Jim Caple reminds us that we’ve got 21 homeruns to decide whether or not we’ll pull for Barry Bonds to break the record. Ok, my decision has been made. I hope Barry is Avian Flu victim #1 in this country.
  • Our fantasy baseball draft is on friday, so you can expect to be hearing more on this for the week. Baseball Etc. talks about fantasy baseball bargains thus far.
  • More fantasy garbage, but to us it’s a gem. Advanced Fantasy Baseball tells all about how to win more often at fantasy baseball.
  • Usually we’d warn the kids at home about this, but one of our editors was guilty of the same crime about 24 hours ago. Mop Up Duty tells the story that Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Gustavo Chacin was driving without his shades, and was twice over the legal limit. Oh the shame.