Happy St. Patricks Day from Diamond Hoggers

Today is St. Patricks day. Hence the scary looking fucker above endorsing one of the blog’s favorite products. I celebrated last night, spending my evening in the friendly confines of the Kickstand Pub, where I am sure I will enjoy many a ballgame this summer. I tested the waters, and what do I like about it? The beer is cheep, it’s walking distance from my house, and there is pool tables always open. Forget the fact it’s a biker and hard rock crowd. I don’t give a shit. I’m there to pour booze and yell.

Now today I’ll be sharing with you a fun drinking game you can play at the ballpark, which involves our good friend Skoal, as well. What you do is say, you’re with 3 or 4 or even upwards of 6 friends at the ballpark (if you have that many). You break out your tin of Skoal (if you like to dip, and we’re assuming our readers do). Pass the tin with an agreed upon deal that whomever has the tin when a homerun is hit, must insert a large dip. If an at-bat passes without a homer, that person must drink, thus assuming the ‘loser’ role. If they are the lucky participant to be holding that golden chip when a homer is hit, they ‘win’ so to speak. This game is very similar to being at a ballgame and passing a dollar every at bat, with the ‘winner’ getting to keep the dollar when he is holding it and a player hits a homerun.

This game was tested out by George and I back in 2003. One of the games participants, my friend Justin didn’t like dip. What a shame it was when Juan Encarnacion of the Marlins hit a homerun when the tin was being passed and was sitting on his seat when the ball left the park (he was getting a hot dog and he swears we lied and were fucking with him). The thing is, we weren’t fucking with him at all. We would have been happy to have ‘won’ and took a dip. We even felt sorry for him and joined in the fun to make him feel better (and because we needed a hog).

We hope you enjoy this game, and please tell us of a fun drinking game that can be played at the ballpark if you would like! We enjoy reader submissions! In the meantime, don’t pass out on your bar-stool today, and enjoy the holiday video below: