Throwing it Around

Here’s what we deem footnoteworthy this monday morning:

  • Gary Sheffield aparently wanted to play in Boston?
  • I’m telling ya, you’re going to see this more than a few times this season. This guy just smells like Byun Hung-Kim to me.
  • What was so special about her Carl?
  • If the Indians are going to make a World Series run, they’ll do it initially without Cliff Lee, who is out till mid-April with a strained abdominal muscle.
  • This is a team that should be pretty interesting to watch this season, we haven’t talked about them yet. A die-hard fan of theirs breaks down the Chicago Cubs, projecting their statistics.
  • The Hardball Times takes a look at the best young Centerfielders in baseball. Our boy Grady is at the top of the list.
  • MLB Trade Rumors (cool site) doesn’t think Adam Dunn is going anywhere anytime soon. If they’re right we still have an official “Godfather” for this site.

March Madness may start tonight, and although I’ll indulge in an extremely bad bracket or two, the show must go on here. If you’re like us, and don’t know shit about NCAA Basketball we’ll be right here to be your #1 baseball source on the web.

Did I mention I like Ohio State (homer pick) to beat the Florida Gators in the finals? Just saying.