Irony at it's finest

Our friends over at offered up their Cincinnati Reds 2007 Preview this afternoon. What irony, that we were just talking about the Reds last night. It sure feels like everyone is catching Redlegs Fever. Beyond that, here’s a snippet of what the writer over at Deadspin had to say about our boy Adam Dunn:

9. Adam Dunn will continue to swing for the fences with reckless abandon. He’ll probably hit 40 home runs again, but hopefully he can manage to hit better than .234. I always picture Dunn out bar-hopping as a regular guy. The moment he arrives in any bar I see him walking up to the hottest girl in the place,
throwing out his best possible game, and either banging her while the coat check girl fondles his taint or saying, “Screw it, let’s move” and doing the exact same thing next door. They don’t call him “The Big Donkey” for nothing. And just think, on some level, Tampa Bay’s Chris Simms is responsible for all of this since his starting at Texas is what led Dunn to focus solely on baseball.”

Actually that describes him pretty well. You picture him as a bar-hopping guy? It sounds like you know him. We’ll have to cover it all in a later post of Dunner stories, but he is exactly like you picture him. You have no idea.

But wait it gets better. Looks like we have some commentary that will tell the Dunner stories for us, before we do. They’re not far off from ours:

“I went to spring training in 2004 and always saw Dunn and then Cincy Red Austin Kearns at the Siesta Key bars. They wereso shitfaced and they always had cowboy hats on. Average age of women hitting on them…I’d say 46ish.”