A MUST pick for the 2007 Fantasy Draft

The past two seasons Diamond Hoggers have fallen in love with Andruw Jones, especially when we saw him play in Cincinnati this past season. He has probably the thickest set of legs in the majors, tree trunks, which is where he gets all his power. Sure he strikes out a lot and has a relatively low batting average, but there are other guys on your fantasy team who can make up for that, which is really his only weakness. The first name that comes to mind to fill this gap would be Robinson Cano, this kid is gonna be huge, but we will write about him another time.

Andruw should be on the top of everyone fantasy draft list, he is going to destroy National League pitching and put up some gaudy numbers. If you look back on his last two seasons, his stats were tremendous; he scored 202 runs, 92 homeruns, 257 RBI witha .263 batting average. These are truly great numbers and he has proven to us that he can do it with out too much protection around him.

Now that the 29 year old is entering the last year in his contract with the Atlanta Braves he is expecting a blockbuster deal, and we think he will get it. As we have seen through out history most ball players have break out years during their contract year. A Coincidence? We think not. When your career is on the line and lots of dollars are at stake, it is only human to step it up. Are prediction is for Jones to put up 115 Runs, 53 Homeruns, 140 RBI with a .269 batting average in the 2007 season. With these stats there is no way you can risk trying to get him in third round. You should draft him in the late first or early second round. The pre-ranked fantasy lists are not giving him the love or respect that he deserves. Currently on Yahoo.com and ESPN.com their pre-ranked lists have him around 26th and 28th overall, which is not a bad spot, but there are at least 10 ten players on each of those lists that Jones should be above. Specifically I would take him over A-Rod because probability wise he is more likely to have a better season. I’m a man who likes safe bets. I’m a conservative, and Andruw Jones you can take to the bank.