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Tribe rocks Reds and Homer Bailey for a 3 run homer and 2 run blast!
I love it!!

We love this guy

I emailed dearest Uncle Frank, who probably is the biggest reason for me being a freak for baseball. I gave him the link to this site, and because he’s so busy, as well as very ADD-minded, I doubt he actually checked it out, yet. He did have the common courtesy to respond with his update on the Indians game today. His response is captured above in all it’s glory. He lives in Cincinnati, but hates the Reds with a passion, so it must have really been a nice day for him. In him saying ‘I love it!!!’ he was not referring to the site, yet. He was talking about the Tribe spanking the Reds in some good old preseason Florida baseball.

I come to find out that Sizemore ripped a 2 run homer off of the Reds young phenom, Homer Bailey. Right about now, the lucky members of the Tribe are probably heading for a bar or a strip club. If you’ve read David Wells’ autobiography, you know exactly what I’m talking about.