10 Questions with Todd Jones of the Columbus Dispatch

Todd Jones

Diamond Hoggers has been working hard to bring some of the best baseball coverage on the internet this pre-season. Todd Jones, of the Columbus Dispatchwas nice enough to offer us his opinions on the Indians 2007 Outlook, and the upcoming Major League season:
1) What do you see for the Tribe’s overall season outlook?
Promising, but questions too. They’d be better off in the West. I think the Tigers will come back to the pack somewhat. Cleveland needs to get off to a good start and put some pressure on the rest of the division.
2) Who will be the 2007 Indians Most Valuable Player?
3) Eric Wedge- is he the right man for the job?
This year will tell. It might be time to bring in someone else to push the youngsters to the next level. Again, this season will answer that question.
4) When is the last time you were at Jacobs field? Jacobs field or GreatAmerican as the better ohio ballpark?
I was at Jacobs last season. I prefer Jacobs over the “OK” American Ballpark.
5) Would baseball work in Las Vegas as a Major League Team?
It would work. They shouldn’t go there. What kind of message would that send after all these years of a hardline stance against gambling. (I know, gambling is everywhere; but Vegas is a symbol)
6) Who wins the 2007 World Series in your opinion?
Honestly, not certain yet. Haven’t looked at the teams closely enough.
7) Tribe: Over or under 90 wins?
Over. (optimism)
8) Grady Sizemore: Over or under 30 homers?
9) Who will be the 2007 MVP?
Maybe Sizemore. Seriously.
10) What would be the best advice you’d give someone under the age of 25 who aspires to get into sports talk AM radio or Radio Journalism?
Find a way to do any kind of work at the station just to get your foot in the door. Meet as many people in radio as possible. Don’t be afraid to network yourself.