10 Questions with Cleveland Plain Dealer's Paul Hoynes

Diamond Hoggers has been working hard to bring some of the best baseball coverage on the internet this pre-season. Paul Hoynes, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer was nice enough to offer us his opinions on the Indians 2007 Outlook, and the upcoming Major League season:

1) What do you see for the Tribe’s overall season outlook:

I think they’ll win between 85 and 90 games, but I also think they’ll finish third or fourth in the AL Central.

2) Who will be the 2007 Indians Most Valuable Player?:

Grady Sizemore

3) Eric Wedge- is he the right man for the job?

Wedge is fine.
4) When is the last time you were at Jacobs field? Jacobs field or Great American Ballpark as the better Ohio ballpark?

I’ve been to Jacobs Field several times over the winter. I guess my last game there was the last year’s final home game.

5) Would baseball work in Las Vegas as a Major League Team?

No, but it would be a lot of fun.
6. World series winner 2007:
7) Tribe: Over or under 90 wins?
8) Grady Sizemore: Over or under 30 homers?
9) Who will be the 2007 MVP?
No idea.

10) What would be the best advice you’d give someone under the age of 25 who aspires to get into sports talk AM radio or Radio Journalism?

I’m not a radio guy, and I don’t know how the gig works, but I’d be prepared to work a lot of long hours for a small paycheck. It’s a lot like starting out in newspapers. You’ve got to want to do it. If it’s what you really want to do, you won’t care about the hours or the money, because it won’t seem like work. Listen to the guys you like. Figure out what they do well. One key thing is learn how to interview someone. Most radio guiys hog the interview. They get guests on their shows and never let them speak because they’re in love with their own voice. Listen to Jim Rome, he’s a great interviewer. He gets in and out, asks tough question and lets the guest speak.