Mystery Item: Our hero

Where in the hell is what the cat drug in?

This blog is almost a week old from being conceived, and still no showing from the other half of the corporation. I promised you people I would have a jack-in-the-box like surprise and it’s fucking better than a jack in the box. Rest assured although there is no sign of him yet; this mystery man will emerge from the darkness.

People seem to think that Daisuke Matsuzaka’s debut is the most awaited in all of baseball. They’re dead damn wrong. This will be groundbreaking and earthshattering in effect. I am not holding him back but simply he is making all of you cringe and wait, because good things come to those who wait…I know I never believed that shit either.

Trust me, my partner in business will not keep you waiting much longer, and will be well worth the wait. To tide you over/wet your appetites/preview you the mayhem that awaits/admit to my own brutality, I’d like to post a picture of our hero, after a night last fall at my hometown bar:

Please…have no fear. He’s on his way.