Friday morning fishwrap

Here is the news that makes the cut this friday morning:

  • A sad story about a college whom I played against plenty of times in college; A bus on the way to Fort Myers Florida carrying 6 players from Bluffton University crashed, killing 6 of 35 members on board.
  • Micheal Young can finally afford to eat steak. Didn’t the Texas Rangers learn about signing shortstops to these types of contracts?
  • The Big Unit should be ready to start pitching for the Diamondbacks in April. If you’re a baseball fan you should be happy to see this.
  • The boss likes what he saw in the Yankees spring training opener.
  • Tony Gwynn is being given a statue by the Padres organization. We’re guessing this structure will be made out of a fine marble or granite, and not gold. Just sayin’.